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Tricksters Collection

"Tricksters" collection is a result of Anastasia's MFA research (2011-2015) at Monash University into influences of CAD and digital technologies on development of new aesthetics for jewellery and small objects.


The collection investigates contemporary figurations of the trickster and highlights the changes that it's undergone recently, particularly due to the impact of contemporary technologies.


The digital process of design (CAD) was employed to explore the nature of these figures and to investigate transformation of meanings that they are given within contemporary cultural contexts.


The Collection comprises of 13 figures - rings and brooches transferable into pendants.


Rings come in large and small scale - large scale is more effective for events like catwalk and for personalities who like to make a stronger statement with their jewellery.


The smaller scale pieces are printed in silver and are more for an everyday wear - they are lighter and less "grander" and create more close and intimate connection with the wearer.*


*All pieces could be ordered in large or small scale, large scale is limited to brass, gold plated, and smaller pieces could be ordered in silver, gold and titanium (please note that titanium will not have smooth finish as it's extremely hard metal and very time and cost consuming to polish).


Tricksters collection will be on display at Ame Gallery in Hong Kong from 14th of April 2016, for further details please visit:



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